Here we are – at the edge of the end of the year. For me it was a really good year. I’ve been on some game jams, made cool games, had a road trip to the USA, been on lots of conferences, met lots of new people… Yeah, it was good.

But the new year is comming and with it – new challenges. I know that it is only a number and the concept of time is a funny thing in general, but this is still a good measurement point for what you have accomplished and what you can do in the future. Let’s say, it’s like a very long scrum’s sprint!

So, here are some little changes on the webpage (which, by the way, is here for over 2 years, wohoo!):

  • Sharing buttons are gone. Nobody was using them anyway.
  • The about page has been changed a little, the links to my social accounts are more graphic now!
  • I’ve cleaned up the links section, but still, there are only few really good pages I’d like to recommend.
  • Links on the top-right section of the page has been changed. I’m focusing more on the LinkedIn and Github right now.
  • Speaking of Github – I’ve started using it more! Almost all of my projects have been moved there.
  • Sources of the projects have been upgraded to the Visual Studio 2015.

What next? I’m still trying to give the Tumblr the love that it deserves but with the full time job it is more and more difficult to pay attention to everything. There is also a Lunar Maze – the project that I’d like to finish, but again – time, time, time…

I also want to write more. Only 6 full articles have been written during whole year. The rest of them are only small announcements. So, as you can see, there is a huge field for improvement.

During one of the game jams I’ve discovered the page. I will put all of my prototypes there!

The last thing I’d like to write about: I wish You a happy new year! Let all of Your goals come true. Let Your motivation and determination never drop! See ya next year!