Another year, another Huuuge Game Jam! This time the topic was “The Butterfly Effect” and there were a lot of great games (and great food and great fun and great people too!).

Me and my colleague decided to do a little logic game where you have to divide a bullet to make its parts fly to all of the targets. At some point one flutter of the butterfly’s wings generate a bullethell on the screen!


Here’s a sneak peak for a game, but DO NOT WATCH it if you want to solve the puzzles by yourself!

Ok, so… let’s do some recap!

It was a 24h game jam, but we’ve managed to have final gameplay in about 5 hours, so this is a damn pretty good time! The rest of the time we’ve spent on making it juicy and bloomy.

We’ve received an honorable mention for a well-made game, sadly – with no award, but there were a lot of fun games that grasped the topic much better than us. You can check them all here.

The game runs thanks to Unreal Engine 4.20.3 and the cool thing was that we could work together despite that I was on Windows and my colleague on MacOS! In fact I was able to build a Linux version at home too without any troubles. In terms of multiplatform UE4 is really great.

We’ve tested GitLab as a host for a repository for our project. It is really good and easy to use and it has free private repositories. But apart of that it is not better nor worse than Github, so for now I’ll probably stay with the Github as a repository of choice for my public projects.

I also checked one of the applications for git repository managing – the GitKraken. It is easy to use, really friendly and work like a charm. Using git is very easy with it.

As always – you can download this game from or download sources from GitHub.

Enjoy the game and see ya on next jam!