So there was a game jam lately. A really Huuuge Game Jam I must say. During 24 hours we had to make a game based on a specific theme. The theme was… well… It was nothing explicit. The only thing we’ve got was this image:


The interpretations were vary. There were games about Lego, about stairs and about relativity and impossible geometry. Most of the games were playing with the geometry. Mine too!

The first idea was to make a puzzle in which some guy was walking in the maze made of cubes. He could walk only on specific colors, so you’d have to arrange those cubes to make a one color path. The main goal was to make it to the exit point.

As it happens on game jams – the idea has been simplified a lot. There are still cubes, which has to be arranged in proper way, but the player (which is a glowing cube, not a “guy”) can move to any other cube that is next to it.

The problem is, that the main goal of the game is easy to achieve. Because of that I’ve made a counter of moves, so player can try to beat a level using as few moves as possible. The record is 16. Try to beat it!

You can download the game from here an play it. It works only on Windows 64bit.

You can check how the game looks in motion here:

I was trying to use the 2:22 method, which means: 2 hours of prototyping and 22 hours of polishing. It ended like… 6 hours of prototyping, 14 hours of polishing and 4 hours of sleeping and screwing around. But I wanted my game to be as polished as possible. To make it bugless (Rudy Dziobak can confirm!), make it moody and make it playable from a beginning to an end (there is even an icon and a splashcreen!). Because of this there is only one level. It might not being game-jam-like, but I went into quality, not quantity.

But in the end – I like the result. And the others liked it too. I’ve even received a reward, which is really nice!

I was using Unreal Engine 4, because this is the engine I know the best for now. I’m working with it daily.

Why such a title? Well, when a colleague was playing and rotated the camera, she said “Wow, really nice moon”. I was wondering “What moon?” and it appears I forgot to remove a sun shield from default skybox. Because of the color of the skybox the sun was looking like the moon. So it ended like that. From that moment I was trying to achieve as mystic and lunar mood as possible. If You read this post – thanks for the hint!

You can check other games made on this jam here.

If you want to, you can download the project from my github. It’s not the best example how games in Unreal Engine 4 should be made (time, time, time!), but still there are few nice tricks.

At this point I have plans to develop this game to something bigger. Only plans, unfortunatelly. It is difficult to me to find time for side projects.

What next? Next game jams and… well… time will tell…