Another Game Jam has passed and oh boy, what a jam! This time it was organized by polish gamedev team Artifex Mundi in their office and a lot of one of the best developers did gather to make games within 42 hours. This game jam theme was: “Fail Fast”.


I was making this game with the team of four. Our idea was to simulate the life of a developer that has been sabotaged by the former producent, who wanted the sprint (and the company) to fail as fast as possible. His methods might be controversial, but they are deadly effective.

This time we didn’t win anything but we are really proud of this game anyway. The competition level was high and we didn’t stand out of the rest. It is also one of the most well made game we’ve done so far, so… Yeah, we are happy!

I don’t want to write any postmortem here, because there is nothing much to say. I will just leave You with some materials:


  • Programming:
    • Piotr Hawryluk
    • Damian Nowakowski
  • Art:
    • Adam Frañczak
  • Design:
    • Konrad Knapek