Small blog changes and Happy New Year!

Here we are – at the edge of the end of the year. For me it was a really good year. I’ve been on some game jams, made cool games, had a road trip to the USA, been on lots of conferences, met lots of new people… Yeah, it was good.

But the new year is comming and with it – new challenges. I know that it is only a number and the concept of time is a funny thing in general, but this is still a good measurement point for what you have accomplished and what you can do in the future. Let’s say, it’s like a very long scrum’s sprint!

So, here are some little changes on the webpage (which, by the way, is here for over 2 years, wohoo!):

GIC 2016 lectures

So,.. I was at the Game Industry Conference in Poznań and I was lecturing about Unreal Engine 4 on mobiles and about Websockets. Because some of the attendants were asking about the presentations to download here are the links!

Also I’d like to thank all of you for been there. And for votes. You are awesome!


Welcome to the great and sumptuous reopening of the blog!

This will be another iteration of a place where I, your humble coder and developer, will post about programming and games. Or at least I’ll start with these subjects.

Why the reboot? Well, there were few things that didn’t go well.

  • Lack of articles and the quality of those that existed.
  • Language that not everyone could understand.
  • Technical issues with AJAX… let’s say: triumph of form over content.

There is also an another thing, I’ve just realised that I’m not and I probably never will be a good writer. So I’ll try to describe only the most important aspects of future topics – briefly an concretely.

I also invite you all to follow me on Twitter as a form of the newsletter (and because everyone has a Twitter… right?)

Ok, enough of this introduction. Let’s start this advanture!